Meet Our Leaders

This page is a brief introduction to our fantastic team of Leaders, everyone of whom gives up their time voluntarily to help give our young members an interesting and fulfilling programme of activities to do in a safe and encouraging environment.

Sally Cox

My name is Sally Cox I am the Group Scout Leader (GSL) for 50th Medway Towns

(Hoo) Scout Group, this involves amongst many other things overseeing all the Leaders with in each of the sections ensuring that they follow the Scouting rules and are up to date with their training and that their CRBS are current.

I have been in Scouting for approximately 15 years, starting as a committee member when my 4 children were in all 3 sections of Scouting, then moving on to take on an Assistant Leaders role following this with a full Leader's role with the Scouts. I then was asked to take over the GSL Role when our last one left, which I did and I also took on a Beaver Leader role along with that.

I am also an Assistant District Commissioner with general duties to help assist the District Team.

I have attended a several of International Jamborees, the latest being KIJ 2013, as well as helping on a 24 hour Three Peaks Challenge.

I have also got a qualification for rifle shooting which I use with the Medway District on skills days and I am a trainer on Nights Away courses.

Although I live in Gillingham my heart really lies with the group and the villages which it serves. Outside of Scouting my day job is within the NHS which at times has been very stressful but again I am very passionate about my job and the role I play within that organisation.

Mike Cox

(Mike's introduction will appear shortly)

Graham Durey

Hi, my name is Graham and I am also known as Cookie, I am an Assistant Beaver Leader.

When I was younger I was a Cub and Scout with the 1st Snodland Scout Group, even back then I knew that I wanted to be an Adult Volunteer.

I rediscovered my passion for Scouting once I had a family and my son joined Beavers at the 50th. Not only am I a volunteer for 50th, but I also volunteer at Buckmore Park Scout Campsite as a member of the Work Crew. Working in both I have the privilege of helping and seeing children achieve goals that they never felt imaginable, with the assistance of myself and all the other volunteers at the 50th and Buckmore Park.

Michael Watts

Hello I am Michael and I am the Akela of Hawk Cub Pack, I am also the longest serving Leader within the Group. I have been with Hawk Pack as an adult volunteer for over 17 years since I was 16 and I have been a warranted Leader for the last 15 years. I have actually been through every section with the 50th, starting as a six year old Beaver 27 years ago. I also recently became a member of the Medway Towns Scout District Cub Team, helping to organise and run events for the whole District to attend.

I enjoyed learning new things and working towards and earning badges, I gained the top badges in both Cubs and Scouts. I also loved making new friends, doing activities and going on camps, I also took part in sport events for the Group, which I was very successful in.

I really enjoy working with the Cubs and teaching them new skills through their badge work and activities, that will hopefully help them develop and grow into well rounded young people. As well as organising a wide range of events, activities and camps for the children to get involved in. But I mainly like giving back to the Scout Movement, which had given me so much over the years.

Megan Cox

My name is Megan and I enjoy reading and films, socialising with friends and going cinema my fav film is centre stage fav colour is purple i enjoy cubs because at their age they want to learn and like doing new things and when they do it their smile is the biggest one ever lol and i hope that what they learn from me they will use forever ( I hope!)

Kay Prescott

Kay is our youngest Cub Leader and is currently going through her training and recently had her Warrant Appointment interview.

(Kay's Introduction will appear here shortly)

Sarah Freail

Hi I'm Sarah,

I'm am an Assistant Cub Leader, for Hawk Pack and my Cub name is Bageera

I enjoy camping, active activities and cooking on an open fire. I used to be a Brownie and a Guide when I was younger, but have now switched to Scouting, I am currently working through my Leadership training. 

I'm a bubbly outgoing person who can be very child like, but most of all I like to have fun and make new friends. I love working with children and being involved with them, new challenges excite me and I love to learn new things.

James Bubb

Hey - my name's James, and I've been involved in scouting now for about 13 years; with over three of those as a young leader in the Cubs and Beavers. I originally started to do my Bronze DofE and have consequently used Beavers for Silver and Gold as well.

I was a young leader, but now I am 18 I am an Adult Helper and I will be going to work towards being a full Leader. Being a Helper is a big responsibility, but one I enjoy nearly all the time. Sure, there are days when it's stressful (anything with paint) or challenging, but most of the time I have a great time and a good laugh with all the kids. Being a young leader is all about being able to think on your feet and adapt to different situations - and is about the most rewarding way to spend a Monday evening.

Wenonah Bubb

Hi I am Wenonah and I am an Explorer and a Young Leader. I help out with Beavers and Cubs and take an active role in helping to run the evening. My Cub leader name is Raksha from the Jungle Book. 

I enjoy doing sports such as dancing and I also love to read and sing. I have been a Scout since I was 10 and have been on many camps and hikes with the Group.


Dave Bubb

I am Dave Bubb ad I am a Scout Leader normally known as Mr Dave. 

As a boy I was a Cub, Scout and Venture Scout with the Allington Group in Maidstone, Kent. 

I became involved with the Scouts in Hoo when my son moved up to Scouts and I have been involved with the Hoo Scouts for just over 5 years. I help out with Scouting because I enjoy seeing young people develop a new set of skills and interests. 

Darren Hopson

Hi my name is Darren. I am the assistant scout leader for the group.

I was a Cub and Scout when I was younger, the Scouts I was involved with was 1st Northfleet. I had lots of fun! I was a Cub of the year in 1980 and also represented the Gravesham Cubs in a cross country running competition in which we came first.

I joined the Cub/Scout band and also performed in many Gang Shows. However my involvement with the Scout band was the reason I eventually left the Group, as I wanted to join a marching band.

I got involved again with the Scouts about 4 years ago, basically my daughter Sophie was a Girl Guide and her Group went to KIJ 2009. I took her to the camp and saw lots of people having fun and I decided then that I wanted apiece of the action. I also wanted my son Luke to get involved with the Cubs, he was very shy at first and I thought it would help him if I was involved. He is now in the Scouts as well as my daughter Sophie.

I love being involved with this Group! We have some great kids and its great to see the Scouts develop their skills. I have had the privilege to see them all grow into excellent young people.

I have learnt lots of new skills and I shall be continuing my training. I also love camping.