Cubs is for any boys and girls between the of ages 8 & 10½  who want to have a fun time, make friends & learn new skills while earning badges. 

The 50th has currently has one Cub Pack, Hawk Pack who meet on Monday evenings.

What Have We Been Up To?

November started for our Cubs with a camp at Buckmore Park where they had to pitch and strike their own tents, learnt how to light a fire and tracking and trailing as they worked on their Outdoor Challenge Award and enjoyed a fantastic firework display. They then had a bonfire, with sparkles and campfire songs as well as cooked Smores, they then had a Pack Forum night to decide on what badges and trips they wanted to do in 2015. The Cubs then enjoyed a Bush Tucker Trail night, where they faced eating insects and having lizards and snakes crawling on them. The month ended with the starting of the Entertainer Activity Badge. The Cubs joined with the other sections of the Group at the Remembrance Sunday Parade and Service.

In December our Cubs worked hard on their Entertainer Activity Badge, for this they had to learn five Christmas carols before performing them in a concert for their families. We finished off the year with a bowling party where everyone beat Akela. The Cubs worked incredibly hard packing bags at the local Tesco to raise money for the Group's new marquee. 

During January our Cubs started work on the 2015 Kent Cub Scout Challenge Badge, which is based on the old Cub Arrow Award scheme. The Cubs have up to twelve activities to do, if they complete four they gain the Bronze Arrow, eight the Silver Arrow and all twelve for the Gold Arrow. The first activities the Cubs did were making up and performing a play and organising a game in their Six for the rest of the pack to play. The Pack also had four Young Members attend the District Sixer and Seconder Training Day.

What Are We Going To Be Doing?

In February our Cubs will be working on their Chef Activity Badge, for this they will be learning about food safety and hygiene, how to create a balance diet. They will learn how to prepare vegetables and meat for ready cooking, before cooking pancakes and a two course meal. They will also be able to go to the District Fizz Quiz.

During March our Cubs will be doing one of the Disability Awareness Activity Badge, which is a new one recently brought in. To gain this badge they will be learning what it is like to try and carry out every day activities with restricted or no eyesight and some simple phrases in British Sign Language. The Cubs will also meet a disabled lady and get to try some of the aids that are available and ask questions about living with a disability. The Cubs will have the opportunity to take part in the District Activity Hike at Buckmore Park as week and have an Easter Egg Hunt.

April is a short month due to the Easter Holiday, but our Cubs will still be busy as they look to gain their Home Help Activity Badge. They will be learning to do things like ironing, sewing, washing up, cleaning windows and cleaning a bathroom. They will be going to Belchamps Scout Activity Centre for a weekend to do the DIY Activity Badge. The Cubs will also be in Rochester for the annual St George's Day Parade and Service at the Cathedral.

Fancy Joining Us?

If you like the sound of what we do and are interested in joining our Pack, click on the link below for how to contact Michael. He will be pleased to hear from you.

Contact Michael.

Awards & Badges

If you would like to see what Awards & Badges the Cubs can earn & what they involve, please click on the links below.

Challenge Awards.

Activity Badges.

Staged Activity Badges.

Partnership Awards.

Positions of Badges on the Cub Uniform.

Age Range

8 to 10½ year olds


Meeting Times

Monday 7pm to 8.30pm


Recent Cub Photos

  • Taking a quick break
    Taking a quick break
  • The Cubs enjoying an ice cream at the pantomime
    The Cubs enjoying an ice cream at the pantomime
  • The Cubs at Disneyland Paris
    The Cubs at Disneyland Paris
  • Socks4Syria
  • The Cubs helping clean up Hoo
    The Cubs helping clean up Hoo
  • Having fun on the WW1 Cub Camp
    Having fun on the WW1 Cub Camp
  • Making spaghetti and marshmallow bridges
    Making spaghetti and marshmallow bridges
  • The Cubs on JOTT
    The Cubs on JOTT
  • The Cubs planting poppy seeds for the WW1 anniversary
    The Cubs planting poppy seeds for the WW1 anniversary
  • Water Party Night
    Water Party Night
Taking a quick break
Taking a quick break

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