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Chairperson's Welcome

Current Committee Members

I would like to welcome you to and invite you to come and join us on the Executive Committee of the 50th Medway Towns (Hoo) Scout Group. The Committee needs to consist of a Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Treasurer, Secretary and members.  Our role is to run and maintain the Scout Headquarters, making sure it is correctly set up and properly run to allow all the section's meetings to be held.

As with most organisations this includes paying the necessary bills i.e. utilities, insurances and arranging annual events such as fire extinguisher servicing, gas safety inspection also dealing with painting, decorating, garden maintenance, central heating servicing etc.  

Accurate records of expenditure and income and an annual set of accounts are produced by the Treasurer. We ensure there is enough money, through fund raising, subscriptions and hall users to cover the bills for maintenance and improvements. 

We meet bi-monthly to discuss current issues and plan future events.  Minutes of the meeting are recorded and distributed as well as being available via our website.

Over the past two years a great deal of work has been completed, with the help of local companies, by the committee and the leaders into keeping the Headquarters a place that is safe and fit to hold group meetings in.

All the Group's sections, the Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Explorer Scouts, as well as the local Guides and a growing model railway enthusiasts club ensure the hall is in use most evenings.  During the day pre-school children use the facility.

There is a minimum of people needed to make sure the committee is correctly run. We need more volunteers to come to the meetings. The meetings last about an hour and are held only 6 times a year. The meetings are a great way to find out what is happening at the 50th Medway and ensure the groups continue to have a safe environment to meet in.

Even if a place on the committee does not interest you we also need parents to attend to allow the AGM to be held.

Michael Harrison

Committee Chairman


Chairperson - Michael Harrison

Secretary - Gillian Watts

Acting Treasurer - Michael Watts

Member - Juliet Leech

Member - Keith Prescott

Member - Nicki Sammon

Member - Kay Williams


Recent Committee Meeting Minutes

Every year the Group committee has to hold an AGM. During this meeting the principle role holders of the Committee have to resign, they can then either re-stand for election or other person can stand for the role.

The AGM is an important part of the Group's year, and is compulsory under the Charity Acts Regulations. The AGM relies on the parents and guardians of the Groups members to attend, as there must be a minimum of five people other than the principle role holders for an AGM to be held. Parents & Guardians are asked to attend even if they do not wish to join the Committee.

Want To Join The Committee

If you would like to join our Group Committee please clink on the link below for how to contact the Group Secretary Gillian Watts.

Contact Gillian.