Although this is the youngest section within scouting, for boys & girls aged between 6 & 8 years old, the teaching of the scouting history and ceremonies starts here. The young people enjoy learning and experiencing outdoor activities such as camping & hiking.

Beavers enjoy working through structured badge work as well as learning social skills whilst playing and generally just having fun.

What Have We Been Up To?

In November our Beavers gained the new Disability Awareness Activity Badge, for this they learnt about how life is for people with disabilities and some of the things that help make their lives better. The Beavers also made planets and solar systems as well as doing things with glow sticks for the Space Activity Badge.

During December they were busy making a selection of Christmas craft, that included sock snowmen and clay decorations for their Christmas trees before the Beavers finished the year off with a Christmas Party. The Beavers also helped the Group raise a lot of money packing bags at the local Tesco Store.

January started with our Beavers having a games night as part of their Friendship Activity Badge, before making collages and Lego models as for the Imagination Activity Badge. The Beavers then made torches as they started their Experiment Activity Badge.

What Are We Going To Be Doing? 

Our Beavers will start February by making torches as they start their Experiment Activity Badge. They will then have a visit from D&L Knotting who will be teaching them to lots of different knots, they will then use some of there new skills to make woven woggles and wooden woggles. The last meeting of the month will see the Blue Cross For Pets Charity who will be bringing along a dog to teach about animal safety. February will finish with the Beavers attending the District run Baden-Powell Day Treasure Hunt at the Riverside Country Park.

In March will see our Beavers concentrate on the Friendship Badge they started in January, for this they will be making posters, post cards and friendship bands before writing a Code of Conduct for the Colony and drawing self portraits. The Beavers will also have the chance to take part in the District Easter Egg hunt at Buckmore Park. 

During April our Beavers will be going to Pets at Home to do their Animal Friend Activity Badge. They will be juggling to finish their Friendship Badge before learning to tight rope walk for the Health and Fitness Badge, The Beavers will be joining the rest of the District at the St George's Day Parade and Service in Rochester.

Fancy Joining Us?

If you like the sound of what we do and are interested in joining our Colony, click on the link below for how to contact Sally. She will be pleased to hear from you.

Contact Sally.

Awards & Badges

If you would like to see what Awards & Badges the Beavers can earn & what they involve, please click on the links below.

Challenge Awards.

Activtiy Badges.

Staged Activity Badges.

Partnership Awards.

Positions of Badges on the Beaver Uniform.

Age Range

6 & 8 years olds


Meeting Time

Monday 5.30pm to 6.45pm


Recent Beaver Photos

  • Beaver fun day at Lower Grange Farm
    Beaver fun day at Lower Grange Farm
  • Cooking dough twists on an open fire.
    Cooking dough twists on an open fire.
  • Learning to surf on camp.
    Learning to surf on camp.
  • Raising to new heights.
    Raising to new heights.
  • Emerging from the darkness.
    Emerging from the darkness.
  • Peg parachutes.
    Peg parachutes.
  • Flying the flag for semaphore.
    Flying the flag for semaphore.
  • Learning sign language.
    Learning sign language.
  • Halloween pumpkin carving.
    Halloween pumpkin carving.
Beaver fun day at Lower Grange Farm
Beaver fun day at Lower Grange Farm

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