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December 2013

Posted by Michael Watts on January 1, 2014 at 7:55 PM

In December the beavers started with having a games night where they all had fun and enjoyed playing some new and different games that they had not played before. They have also been preparing for Christmas with making different decorations. The beavers started by making snowflakes out of the bottom of bottles and decorating them with glitter and lots and lots of stickers. The beavers also made the little ornaments which they could choose the design and then paint them however they wanted. The beavers enjoyed doing these as it put them in the Christmas mood and they were all busy discussing what they were going to be doing for Christmas and what they had asked for. The beavers had a slightly different Christmas party this year as the leaders bought down wiis and play stations and they could play on them for the evening. The beavers could also have food and drinks and Christmas music to listen to. As there was no cub meeting that evening, the beavers had an extended meeting so they could play even more games. A highlight for the beavers was definitely watching the leaders fail at playing just dance!

This month the cubs have had a very busy month with lots of different outings. The cubs started the month at the hut learning about different countries and the cuisines and differences to our country. They had an Italian night where they played a traditional Italian games, learnt the language, tried some food and more! The cubs enjoyed this as it was different to what we normally do and they could see how everything differed in Italian! The cubs then attended the District Carol concert where they joined all the other cubs from the Medway Towns and sang songs, and heard the Christmas story. The cubs had a slightly different Christmas Party as they went to see Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs pantomime in Chatham. It was really good and funny and all the cubs and leaders all really enjoyed it. The cubs even got sweets and Ice cream!

In this month the scouts and explorers started by going Ice Skating in Gillingham. We all had lots of fun skating round together, some better than others, and Darren and Dave showing off their great skating abilities! The scouts and explorers then went back to the hut the next week where they made sweets. They rolled a ball of cake and then out a small piece of marzipan round it, then icing and then finally dipped them in chocolate! As you can imagine this was a messy night with food and chocolate everywhere and lots of teenagers who were very hyper! They also had to draw something in the hall but from a weird angle. Personally, not being a very good drawer, I chose to draw the top of the radiator. Bad idea on my part! The scouts and explorers then finished off the month with a Christmas Party where they played games, ate food and watched a film. They enjoyed this evening as it was relaxing and they got to eat and watch the TV!

Due to school work and my DoE I will not be back until March. I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year,



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