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November 2014

Posted by Michael Watts on December 14, 2014 at 4:40 PM

The first week in November was spent by the beavers doing some arts and crafts. The beavers made poppies that they then displayed on Sunday as part of their act of remembrance. Some of the beavers even wanted to wear them to Church Parade! The beavers then took part in the remembrance parade. This month the beavers have been looking at the Disability badge. They competed different activities including trying to walk with crutches, trying on knee braces and a bingo for different disabilities. These were then explained in brief detail to the beavers. The next week the beavers tried writing their name blind, by using sticky letters and trying to place them in the right order. A few new beavers were invested on this night also. The last week in November was spent by the beavers making clay decorations that can be hung on Christmas trees. They modelled them however they wanted and could make as many or as few as they liked.


The cubs have been very busy with month. They started the month off on a firework camp at Buckmore park where they did lots of badge work and watched a firework display put on by the different groups camping there collectively. The week after the cubs ad a bonfire to celebrate bonfire night where they sang songs, toasted marshmallows and one of the cubs Sarah and a very special night. The cubs distract leader came down and presented Sarah with her Chief Scouts Silver award which is the highest that a cub can earn. The cubs along with the beavers, scouts and explorers took part in the remembrance parade. The cubs have also used one of the evening to plan together what they would like to do next year on including trips and actives. The cubs contributed some good ideas and some very ambitious ones also! The cubs had a very special visitor this month who bought down some bugs and animals for the cubs to do bush tucker trials. They got to hold reptiles such as lizards, a bearded dragon and a bull frog! They also got to eat insects which were enjoyed by some more than others! The last week in November was spent by the cubs practising Christmas carols to sing to the parents as part of their entertainers badge a couple of week later.


The scouts and explorers have been very busy this month. They also took part in the camp at Buckmore park and got to watch the firework display. The scouts camped in their patrols and cooked independently from the leaders to improve their skills and work as a team. The scouts all really enjoyed this and want to do another camp like it. The next week the scouts and explorers attended a firework display put on by the 25th scout group. There was a large display with some very impressive fireworks! The scouts and explorers had a 'Ton of fun' activity challenge night to get as many challenged done as possible. This went very well and 7 or 8 different activities took place in one night! The scouts finished the month by taking part in the district troop night along with other scout groups from the district. This was very successful for the scouts and even though they didn't win, they learnt a lot of new skills and bonded well together as Patrols!


This month has been very busy for everyone and I hope the next is just as fun!

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