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November 2013

Posted by Michael Watts on January 1, 2014 at 7:55 PM

In November the beavers have been looking at the Solar system and all the stars and planets in the sky. They started off the month playing games and getting back in to the swing of things after the holidays. The beavers have also been doing small science experiments to see different colours and reactions when two materials are put together. One of the experiments that they did was putting a piece of celery in a small amount of water with red food colouring in. They could then watch the red as it slowly travelled up the piece of celery. Some of the beavers got very confused because it was going the wrong way! The beavers have also had a few beavers join this month who have been invested and are joining in with all the exciting activities the beavers are doing.

In this month the cubs have been very busy. The cubs started off the month by going to the District Firework camp along with the scouts and explorers. The cubs did lots of team building activities such as blindfold rope courses, bivi building and tree identification. In the evening the cubs then went and watched the fireworks and the fire show. When the cubs got back from this, they finished the Physical recreation badge. The cubs have also been learning about how to stay safe for their Personal safety badge. They have learnt about stranger danger, how to stay safe when on the internet, the green cross code and what it means to follow it. The cubs have also been taught about the fire alarm and what they should do. The cubs had a practise of this and we all had to go outside in the rain!

The scouts and explorers kicked off the month by going to Buckmore Park to take part in the district firework camp. They slept over two nights and took part in the activities with the cubs. They really enjoyed this as it was very laid back and relaxing and they could have lots of fun. They then watched the fireworks in the evening which were very enjoyable to watch. At the beginning of the month the scouts and explorers started the ton of fun badge, where they have to complete 110 listed activities in a year. They started this off by taking part in quartermasters work in the stores where we all emptied the store so it could be sorted out. They scouts have also attended district troop night where they could complete more activities from the ton of fun badge. At the moment the scouts are definitely ahead of the explorers! At the end of the month the scouts and explorers went to Buckmore Park and took part in a campfire that they helped to make. They then cooked sausages on the fire and sang a few campfire songs to complete another one of the challenges.

This month all of the sections attended Remembrance Day parade at the local church where they carried the flag and showed their respects to the fallen soldiers. The explorers got to carry their new flag for the first time as a whole group.

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