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Kent International Jamboree 2013 Camp Dairy

Posted by Michael Watts on August 30, 2013 at 4:55 PM

On Saturday we arrived at The Kent County Showground and told where we had to go to get to the Evolve Subcamp. We spent ages going the whole way round the one-way system to find our tiny campsite! Once we got there we unloaded all the stuff from the two vans and then we started pitching camp. There were only about 5 of us at this time and the people from the camp sites around us were just watching us pitch camp! Then everyone else arrived and we got set up in the tents. After this some people went for a walk around KIJ whilst others got sorted. Then the other people went to have a look around. In the evening, we all gathered together as Evolve by the Evolve stage and we were introduced to the sub camp leaders. We waited there for ages, waiting to be told we are going to the opening ceremony, but it was unfortunately cancelled because of the thunder and lightning. We all then went back to our campsites and had hot chocolate and played card games together. The best thing about Saturday was getting there and seeing all the different people and nationalities there were there. However the bad thing was that the opening ceremony got called off, which we were all looking forward to going to.

On Sunday we got up and had our breakfast and sorted everything out for the morning. We had a meeting in the morning about what we were doing in the day. After breakfast we had a little free time to do what we wanted, we could go to the shops, look around or play with the equipment we had bought with us. We then went to the field with the rest of Evolve 1 to take part in a team building carousel activity morning. We chose our pairs within our group and then put with other pairs with people we didn’t know. We made some new friends in these groups and found out about other scout groups. In our group we only had one foreign pair who were German, we talked to them about their scout troop and how it differs to ours. We did different team building activities like mastermind and swapping places on a ledge. These challenges brought us together as a group and before long we were joking around together, like we had known each other for ages. I really enjoyed doing these activities because it meant we had time to make new friends. We then went back for lunch and had some more free time. In the afternoon we started off at the dance workshop where we learnt the ‘KIJ Shuffle’ ready to perform it at the closing ceremonies. We then went as a group to the faith zone where we learnt about qualities of a person and what we thought the most important qualities. We then listened to a young boy perform a song and then a band from a church performed two songs. After this we went to the science zone and took part in different activities and learnt different aspects of science. We got to build catapults and then have a competition to see whose could fire the furthest. In the evening we all gathered again by the Evolve stage and went down to the opening ceremony with the rest of the sub camps in a procession. We then took part in the opening ceremony with everyone who was at KIJ. We then had a rave at the ceremony in the evening and then went back to the camp for hot chocolate. The best thing about this day was the opening ceremony as the atmosphere was amazing and we could sing and dance to our hearts content. We all had an amazing day.

On Monday the day was more structured as we went to the circus in the morning where we watched a circus school performing and then we got to try out different activities. The first act was a man who needed volunteers, so of course we volunteered Darren so we could have a laugh. Darren took part in the act along with three other men, one of which turned out to be the scout leader of the group we soon made friends with.

After we had finished watching the circus we got to stay and take part in a workshop, lead by the circus team, in which we could learn circus skills and have a go with the equipment. We could choose what we wanted to do. Personally I learnt new hula hooping moves, how to walk on stilts, another KIJ member taught me to juggle, and I had a go at plate spinning. Some of the people in our group took to skills better than others. For example, Josh and Ally got the hang of ring throwing easily and watching James try to hula hoop was very funny! We then had a picnic lunch and then proceeded to go to the water activities in the afternoon. As we were a small group, neither of our leaders were chosen to go on the coach with us, so us 11 set off on our own with the rest of Evolve 1 on the coach to Sheerness to take part in the water activities. Some of us did dragon boating, some did kayaking and others built rafts. I joined a group with two boys and a girl I did not know so I could make more friends and we built a raft together. However, my group being quite like me, we did not have very much common sense on how to build a raft, so it took quite a few tries to get the raft to stay together before we could put it on the water. However, we had loads of fun sailing around on our raft and competing against other groups to see who could win the water pistol. In the end, Ryan from our group managed to win himself the prize! We then went back to the campsite and had dinner and got ready for the different evening activities that we were going to take part in. The explorers started off by going to the ‘Bond bin-liner Casino party’ for the 14-17 year olds, and then came back to camp to find people had made new friends and very soon made these friends too! The scouts had lots of different activities they could do like going to the cinema, going to Bear’s drop in for the 10-14 year olds, the main stage, bumper cars but most of the scouts stayed with around the campsite and bonded with the camps around us by hanging out with them and then inviting them all for hot chocolate and tea cakes. This soon became a regular occurrence!

On Tuesday Evolve had an activity day in which we could go to the different zones we wanted and basically spend out day how we wanted. On this day a group of us went with the new friends we had made to the fun do zone where we could use all the inflatable equipment like basketball, the eliminator and a big bouncy slide. Whilst some people went to this, others went to the bumper cars, the launch zone, archery, shooting, laser tag and other activities that were going on all day. In the afternoon we had more activity time, so people went to the activities they hadn’t already done and could take part in them. Some of our troop stayed around the campsite and took part in water fights and self made activities whilst others went to the organised activities such as climbing. In the evening, we had lots of different activities and events that we could take part in. We could either go to the explorer party if you were an explorer, the scout party if you are a scout, or you could go and watch Evolve’s got talent, or any other sub camps evening. If you didn’t want to do this you could go to the main stage or entertain yourself. Some people in our group went to the cinema whilst others stayed around the camp with the new friends that we had made. This day was good because we could choose what we wanted to do and could be independent of our leaders so we could go wherever we wanted and try whatever we could without all having to stick together. It also meant that we had the opportunity to make new friends and be able to stay with them, rather than all stick together as a clump.

On Wednesday we had a very early start to get on the coach to go to London. We had breakfast on the move as we set off with other groups from Evolve. When we got to London, we explorers went our way on our own and the scouts went with the leaders to a different place. The explorers went to the Imperial War Museum, Nandos and Covent Garden. We all had a wonderful time and it was great to be able to go to the toilet in nice, clean, warm toilets in Nandos! The scouts also had a great day in London. They went to the British Museum, Soho, Buckingham Palace, Oxford Street, The Houses of Parliament and the South Bank. Both groups saw Street Performers doing magic and tricks, some of the tricks better than others! After this long day we got back on the coach to go back to the Show Ground and we had dinner. After dinner we could do what we wanted, go to the cinema, the main arena, the 10-14 club, the 14-17 party, the Evolve’s got talent again or just hang out around the campsite. Overall I think everyone had a good day as we went to London and could see things that some people had never seen before. Personally, I had never been to the Imperial War Museum before so it was nice to be able to go with my friends and look around, even if some of the things we saw were quite tear-jerking. The highlight of my day was being able to spend the evening with some old friends that we knew and being able to have fun with them and go around the campsite.

On Thursday we had another activity day where we could go and do the activities that we hadn’t done already. A small group of us went to do the climbing activities where we saw Megan. Some of us were better than others at this but everyone who went gave the walls a try and we had fun doing it. Some of the explorers went to queue up to do the launch zone activities specifically for explorers like micro lighting, but unfortunately the queue was too long and none of the explorers got a go to do any of them. We all then met back at the campsite for lunch and we all excitedly discussed what we had done already and what we were going to do in the afternoon. In the afternoon some of the group went to the do zone again, whilst some went shooting, to do short range archery, and some to do long range archery. Personally I went to do long range archery which, even with having done archery already, I still managed to do awfully! We then could decide what else we wanted to do and we did other activities with some of our new friends, some people even ended up having a water fight! In the evening we went to the campfire, which included singing campfire songs, a lot of standing up and down and then a fire show at the end. The fire show was good because it had fire poi, a flaming whip and a lot of fire!!!

On Friday it was festival day. We were all looking forward to spending time with the rest of Evolve and taking part in the activities. We were supposed to be going to the communal breakfast, but we forgot! Oops... After breakfast we went up to the Evolve stage and took part in the activities and ran our own one of making woggles and friendship bracelets. It was surprising how quiet making a woggle can keep the loudest scouts! After the activities finished we had a picnic lunch on the field and then went back to get changed for the beach party. Some people then went up to the beach party whilst other people stayed on our camp area and had a water fight with the scout groups around us. I went up to the party with some of our friends and had fun there. In the evening we went to the closing ceremony which had the serious bit in the beginning and then we had a live band called ‘The Talent’ playing who were awesome!! We all partied in to the night until the end. They sang well known songs and the 6,000 people in the stadium watching them were all singing too. The atmosphere was amazing. It was my first music concert and it will definitely be hard to top! We then went back to the camp for our last hot chocolate and biscuit evening when loads of people came in and we all had a good chatting session.

Everyone woke up Saturday morning feeling a bit glum because it was the last day, but we had breakfast and then worked as a team to take down all the tents, except the mess tent. We managed to get through the whole morning without Darren or Dave stressing out. That is a massive achievement for us scouts and explorers! We then went to the final closing ceremony where we did the KIJ shuffle, very funny, and then saw the guest appearance of Bear Grylls and David Walliams. It was amazing to be able to see them because they have a bit part in scouting. They were going to all the Jamborees all over the Country on that day and we got to see them arrive by helicopter, half expecting them to jump out! But they didn’t. :( After this it was the end and we had lunch, finished packing down and then had to say goodbye to all our new friends. This was really sad but we all swapped contact details and we all promised to stay in touch with each other. Overall it was one of the best camps ever for me and I really miss everyone and being able to be with some of my best friends. I would love to go again and I can’t wait until we can go to the next Jamboree!



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