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April 2013

Posted by Michael Watts on May 2, 2013 at 4:50 PM

In the month of April, the beavers have been doing a variety of different activities. They started April off after the half term with some games and outside activities as the sun was finally out! The beavers have also learnt about resuscitation and how to give it if you are a child. They were also taught how an adult would give resuscitation so that they could notice someone who was giving it or for when they are older. The beavers have also learnt about how to bandage a body part and how to do it properly. The beavers learnt about how to put a sling on someone else. Most of the beavers were better than the young leaders! In this last week, the beavers learnt how to make cakes in a cup which they then enjoyed eating when they got home. The beavers could choose whether to make chocolate cakes or plan cakes. The beavers have welcomed some new children in to the group and are waiting for these new beavers to be invested in to the 50th.

In April, the cubs have started a few different badges and have worked together to achieve these. The two cub packs joined together to go swimming and everyone achieved their stage 1 swimming badge. Some of the cubs also got the opportunity to go for their stage 2 swimming badge and then some of the cubs achieved this. The cubs have also been working on their reading badge and have looked at different kinds of information books like dictionaries, encyclopaedias and atlas’. The cubs have had to look at books they have recently read and enjoyed and for part of their badge; they have to write a short bit about what the books were about. Some individual cubs have been working on badges outside of the meetings and have achieved these. One cub worked towards their martial arts and another towards a horse riding badge.

The scouts and explorers have been doing a variety of different activities, starting with some games split in to scouts and explorers. The scouts and explorers have been testing their woggle making skills by making their own woggles. The new scouts and explorers have made woggles that they can wear when they are invested. The scouts and explorers have also worked on their team work skills by playing games of rounders as teams and having to work together, but also being tied together and having to work together to get out without breaking the string or taking your hands out of the loops. Some people were definitely better than others and had or patience! The scouts have had a mass investiture where the new scouts had an initiation test of having to jump over a “pit of shark infested custard” (as Mr Dave put it). The scouts and explorers have had a very relaxed month and have really enjoyed the variety of different activities.

Whilst having invested many different new members in to the group, the 50th Medway Towns joined the district at the Saint Georges Day Parade. The group got very in to the music and were dancing along the whole way through! There was a good turn out from the group and we hope to see more people there next year!


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