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This blog is written by one of our Explorer Scouts, Wenonah, who is also a Young Leader in the Beaver colony and Hawk Cub pack.

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April 2012

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This month the beavers have had a couple of weeks off because of Easter, but this has not stopped them having fun! The beavers planted sunflowers in little pots. They have to bring them back to beavers just before the summer break and then we can see whose sunflower is the tallest! Also in beavers we have welcomed lots of new beavers and taught them what it means to be a beaver. Some of the beavers went to Howletts for the day with lots of other beavers and had a wonderful day. The beavers had a wonderful time learning about all the animals there and how the zoo keepers look after them. The beavers have also learnt about how to look after animals. Those beavers that have pets at home have been challenged to write down everything they do for their animal and fill in a booklet about their pet, for 6 weeks. The beavers have been telling us how they have been getting on. The beavers also went on Easter Camp with the scouts and explorers. They Worked in mixed patrols of all ages and built up their team working skills whilst playing lots of games and challenging activities. One of the activities that the patrols were given was to find 30 objects from the list they were given in the woods. All of the beavers enjoyed running about in the woods finding the different requirements from the list. One of the beavers even found a pea bug!


The Cubs have been working on their DIY badge and their Air Activity badge. For the DIY badge the cubs had to name the different tools that are used for DIY, how to use them safely and also how to work with the tools. They had to find all the dangers in a garden where people could get hurt from DIY tools. One of the dangers was a water hose squirting on a drill. The cubs also had to find the different DIY tools in a word search. The cubs took part in a small quiz which they had to think of what they already knew about tools and what they are used for. The cubs have also been working towards their air activity badge. For this, the cubs have been naming different sorts of ways of flying. Most of the cubs did better than the young leaders! Also, the cubs made paper aeroplanes which they could decorate and then fly outside to see whose plane went the furthest. The cubs also made kites which they could then take home and fly. The cubs could make the kite any shape they wanted, and one of them made their kite into the shape of a dinosaur head! The cubs have had the sixes that they are in re-organised as there are so many cubs! They have also welcomed new cubs in to their pack by investing them. The cubs have also had a games night where they had fun and enjoyed finding out which game was coming next.


The scouts and explorers have been working on their world faith badge. They have been finishing off the badge by looking at the different places of worship and different holy books. The scouts found it funny when one of the chapters in the Qu’aran was translated and it meant the cow. We read different sections of the holy books, but as none of us could read Arabic, we read the translations! We looked at different parts of religion and of the books. We looked at what being a monk or a nun means and how that differs from other denominations. The scouts and explorers went swimming at cascades and had lots of fun. They swum together and played together and everyone got involved at different parts of the swim. The younger scouts found it very fun to chase other scouts and then to splash lots of people! The scouts and explorers also went on the camp with the beavers and some of the explorers took ages trying to put up the beaver tent! The scouts and explorers had fun on camp because some of the newer people got to learn what camp is about. They learnt to build fires, put up tents and the best bit of course, the campfire! Overall, everybody had fun on camp as the scouts and explorers got to take a leading role for the beavers in the different patrols that they were put in to.



March 2012

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March 2012


This month, the beavers have welcomed even more new beavers into the colony. The beavers have enjoyed playing games together and worked on their team building skills. The beavers have made good use of the nice weather for the last week or two. The beavers had fun at the district cross country in which the beavers came in very good places. They also took part in a small Easter egg hunt which the young leaders hid the eggs for. Also, the majority of the invested beavers were presented with badges that they have earned e.g. a few beavers were given the chief scouts bronze award which the highest level badge that you can earn. The beavers finished the work on the first aid by going back over the recovery position for beavers who were not there and then seeing who could and who could not do the recovery position and then they helped each other to perfect the recovery position.


Cubs have been very busy over the last month. The cubs started the month with the cross country in which all cubs who took part did very well. The cubs learnt all about communication and the safety of using technology to communicate with. The cubs stayed a night on the cavalier and the cubs learnt all about the ship and the different parts e.g. the kitchen. The cubs really enjoyed this overnight stay and the next cubs meeting they were all talking about how great it was! The cubs made mother’s day cards which they could give to somebody of their choice. The cubs have been creative in March as well because they have made kites and paper aeroplanes as part of the air activities badge. The cubs flew the planes outside and saw who had made the best plane because it went the furthest.


The scouts and explorers have had a very busy month as well. The scouts and one explorer took part in the cross country where one of the scouts came first! All the troop are very proud of him. The scouts also prepared for the visit to the Sikh temple. They learnt about the different traditions they have e.g. the 5 k’s and the comb. The next week the scouts visited the Sikh temple in which they learnt even more about the Sikh religion. All of the scouts that went were amazed as the temple was so much bigger than we thought it would be! The scouts and explorers took part in a hike around Hoo which gave the younger, less experiences scouts a chance to work on their map skills. Luckily we did not get lost and returned home on time for once. The scouts had a wii night in which they worked on their fitness by finding out their BMI, wii fit age and all about their pulse, before, during and after exercise. The beavers, cubs, scouts and explorers have all really enjoyed the meetings in March and all the extras that they have had. Hope you have enjoyed hearing about what the 50th have been getting up to because they all enjoy doing it! See you next time,



Wenonah   :)


February 2012

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This month has been very busy for all the people in the 50th.

The beavers have finished off the space badge. This means that most of the beavers got their certificates for planetarium when it came to the scout hut for their meeting. The beavers have been working on their safety badge. They have looked at dangers around the home, what to do if there is a fire in the house or in the scout hut. They also were taught the recovery position and how to put someone in the recovery position. The young leaders had to lie on the floor and have the beavers put them in the recovery position. I can tell you that it did not go as it should have! The beavers also played lots of games over the month. They built up their teamwork skills and how they can work together to complete tasks first e.g. when they had to work together to put the person in the recovery position game.

The cubs have been working on their communicator’s badge. They have looked at sign language and how to say their name. They learnt the letters of the alphabet. When they learnt their names, they then had to sign them without the words and see how good they would be if they were actually deaf. The cubs also looked at Morse code. They had to learn which letters would go where, especially as some of the letters and numbers have the same code. The cubs also learnt how to decipher and write out their own simple codes. The cubs got to make their own codes and some cubs made them really hard! The cubs played a game called interference. This tested how good their communicative skills were, but with a catch. There were cubs in the middle making as much noise as they can. This tested their skills. The cubs then played Chinese whispers, and if there is one thing you take out of this blog, never trust the cubs to carry and important message. There is always one that changes it!

The scouts have been working towards the world faiths activity badge. The explorers and scouts have been working on the faith partnership badge, which both sections can work towards and achieve. The scouts and explorers visited Hoo Church and learnt all about the services that happen there and the different features of the church. The scouts also took part in Arrowhead. This is an event which takes place at night and the scouts have to go around Buckmore parl and complete activities. They then get points for the activities. The scouts had fun taking part in the activities. The scouts made rocky road as part of the fair-trade fortnight. They enjoyed making it as they all got a fair share in making the rocky road.

This month has been fun for all the sections and they have all worked towards lots of badges and even achieved some!

Join me next time.


January 2012

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Well, another month is over! Here is what I got up to.


The beavers, cubs, scouts and explorers have been very busy over the last month. The beavers have had some games nights in which they have developed their team work and friendships with each other. The beavers have been working on their astronomer’s badge. They have been copying constellations and them decorating pictures of them. The beavers have been having fun making pictures for the constellations and some even made up their own! The beavers and the leaders all had fun making planets out of glow sticks as groups. We then saw what people had made and all the creativity which the beavers had out in to making these planets! The beavers had an evening with the astrodome which they shared with the cubs and they learnt all about the stars in the sky and the Milky Way. They also looked at the stars in the sky and the star professional pointed out which stars are which. The Beavers liked the evening because they learnt so much out about the stars and what is above the ground that we walk on. The beavers followed up the astrodome stuff they did, the beavers used glow in the dark paints and glow in the dark stickers to make pictures of planets. The beavers did other crafts activities on the night e.g. using white wax on white paper, then painting it black and seeing the pictures.


In January, the cubs have been working on the artists badge and the space badge. For the artist’s badge, the cubs drew still life pictures of fruit, in which they could add colour and make the picture look as realistic as possible. The cubs also drew a portrait of Bagheera (Megan) for part of the portraits of the artiste badge. The cubs have also made collages for the artiste badge, they brought in photos of things they liked and stuck them with other pictures to make their own collages. The cubs enjoyed doing this as they could see what kind of things each other like and they had fun getting sticky with the glue and paper! For the astronomy badge, the cubs had the astrodome with the beavers and they learnt the same as the beavers did. The cubs already knew quite a lot about the stars, but they learnt even more fascinating facts about them! The cubs did a word search, crossword and colouring picture about the solar systems. The cubs had a day out in London in which they were very busy visiting the London planetarium and the Tate modern. The cubs also went on the Cutty Sark boat from the planetarium to the Tate Modern. The cubs enjoyed their day out in London and all the cubs who went on the trip and attended the meetings in January, have achieved their astronomy badge and their artist badge.




The Scouts and explorers have been working on their Olympic badge and deciding which activities they could do to earn points towards the Olympic challenge. The scouts also have been working on their promise challenge for the scouts that have not completed this challenge. The older scouts have been helping the younger ones to achieve this challenge badge. The scouts went swimming at cascades as some fun. As a scout who went, we all got on really well together and had a great time. Sharna, one of the explorers said ‘I enjoyed spending time with my fellow Scouts and explorers in an upbeat and friendly environment, everybody enjoyed themselves and nobody was left out of games that we played’. The scouts went to the district quiz night. They had to answer questions and the group that got the most answers right won. Out of 25 groups, the 50th (our group) won the evening! They have a trophy and are sharing it between the winning team.



Overall, this month has been exciting for all groups as they have had days out and evenings to spend together.


Join me next time, Wenonah.

December 2011

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This Month, all of the group have been working on a series of different badges and activities. The Beavers have been working on more Christmas decorations along with some games nights and a Christmas party at the end of the time at Beavers. At the end of December/beginning of January, a few of the older Beavers have moved up to Cubs, so that they can continue the adventure! The Christmas party was fun for everyone with playing lots of games and then having an enormous amount of food to eat! All of the Beavers enjoyed the party and they love sending time with the group.

In Cubs, they have finished off the Personal Safety Badge by looking at how to stay safe near roads, rivers and on the internet. This meant that most of the Cubs gained the Personal Safety Badge. The Cubs started the Artists Badge by making Christmas cards, paper chains and other Christmas related decorations. The Cubs also had a Christmas party where they played the chocolate game and then had food afterwards. I think that most of the cubs would have felt sick after all that. The Cubs really enjoyed the party and the new Cubs have been settling in really fast and well.

The Scouts have been looking at the Paralympics and different sports which are played. The Scouts have played goal ball properly, and the girls team won the evening. The Scouts also had a Christmas party, but slightly different from the others as the Scouts played Paralympics themed games and thrusting people games which some of the pairs did better in than the others! The Scouts played the chocolate game and from personal experience, felt quite sick by the end. The Explorers have been taking part in the scouting activities and some taking part and others leading the groups. Overall, the Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Explorers have had a really good time over the years and over this Christmas time. We hope that this carries on through the whole of 2012.

Hope this has informed you of what we have been doing,



November 2011

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Hello, I am Wenonah and I have taken over from Sharna with doing the blog. I am a helper at Beavers and Cubs, as well as being a Scout moving up to Explorers very soon.

In Beavers they have been making Christmas crackers with surprises in, they have also made Christmas cards. They have been making these to gain a Creative Badge and also to have something for Christmas!! The Beavers also had a fire for bonfire night, in which they had hot dogs to eat, they also toasted marshmallows.

In Cubs, they have been working towards their Emergency Aid Badges stages one and two. They have learnt the recovery position and are able to put each other into it. They have learnt how to call the emergency services and what they should say. They have been taught how to check and clear sombody's airway and how to do it properly. They have also learnt about cuts, scalds, burns and things like that. They have been working on their Personal Safety Badge. A policeman came into talk to the Cubs and taught them about strangers and what you should do when you meet a stranger. They have learnt about being safe neear roads and rivers and how to stay safe on the internet. The Cubs had a fire for fireworks night, where they watched a safe firework display.

In Scouts and Explorers we had a fire for bonfire night and made pumpkin soup that we then ate. Some of us enjoyed it more then others! We have also done a walk as part of the Navigation badge, we used GPS systems to find our way around the village. We followed small clue cards which told us the co-ordinates, which helped us find our way. The Scouts also took part in a District Troop night, this is where the Scout Leaders and Explorers ran the stalls and the Scouts had to earn points. The more points they earned the better chance of winning they had. Finally, Scouts and Explorers had a debate themed evening on war and the two sides had to convince Darren whether they should go and take part in the Afghanistan war or not.


October 2011

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As you can see I have not updated the blog for a few months. This is due to my GCSE's and heaps of coursework, so to keep you up-to-date I have passed the blog over to another Young Leader who helps with Beavers, Cubs and is also An Explorer. Thank you for following my blog and I hope you enjoy Wenonah's blog as much as you have enjoyed mine.

Last month in Beavers we worked on the Healthy Eating Badge. For this badge the Beavers learnt about what they should be having in their packed lunch and that lots of fruit and veg a day is best, as this gives them their 5 a day!

In Cubs we have been working on their Map Readers Badge, for which they have learnt about four and six figure grid references. They also looked at locating places on the map, like their homes and the Scout hut. We have also been cooking up some sausages over the bonfire which one of our Cubs said, "I really enjoyed cooking the sausages on the fire and then eating them."

In Scouts and Explorers we took part in a conker bash in which three of our five Scouts, who had completed the award, were presented with the Chief Scouts Award.

Join me next month for another update on our Scouting life.

September 2011

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In the month of September the Scout Troop have been working on the last part of their Chief Scout's Gold Award. The Scouts that have the requirements for the award were interviewed by the ADC and the AADC, they were asked questions about the badges and what they did to achieve them.

In Cubs they have been looking at maps - four and six figure grid references, setting a compass and map to north and map symbols. They also had a trip to Dover, where they joined other Cubs from across the county and explored The Grand Shaft and Western Heights defences, sailed on the Southern Queen, played games and visited the Dover Transport Museum as well as having lunch on the beach! A very eventful day.

I hope you all enjoyed a well deserved break and you will join me next month for another post on A Scout's Life

June 2011

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Time seems to be going quickly!


In June and July the Scouts have been working on their Cyclist Badge. For this we have been doing bike checks and learning the Highway Code. We have also been out on our bikes, on this occasion we talked about road sense. We have also looked at route planning which is the last activity to ear our cycling badge.


This month the Cubs have been looking at their Science Activity Badge for which they have been looking at circuits and periscopes. They each made their own periscopes and circuits. To complete their badge they will be looking at the Solar System, bugs, and crystals and reclaiming solids from solutions.


The Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Explorers all took part in the district Five-A-Side football tournament which was organized by the 25th Medway. Unfortunately we did not win, however we did have fun.


Wenonah is a Scout in our group. She has been in our group for three years. She joined because her brother was saying how good and fun it was. She says that she enjoys Scouts because she can socialize with friends.


The group do not meet in August so enjoy your summer and check back in September for another update!

May 2011

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Another month has been and gone - it seems to be going quick!


The past month the Scouts have been looking at their Fire Safety Badge. We looked at Fire Safety leaflets and then tested each other on our knowledge of Fire Safety. We also did a demonstration of 'Stop, drop and roll', for which a Scout was on fire and fellow Scouts had to put the flames out and also phone the operator. During one of the demonstrations we had a visit from DC Mark Phillips who seemed to enjoy his visit!

The Cubs have been looking at their Athlete Badge for which they went to a District Sports Day where they had to earn eight points by doing different activities. After, there was a Sports Day for which they came first, second or third for every race apart from one! They also went rock climbing where most Cubs managed to reach the top. The Young Leaders took part in both events and as you can see below I had a lot of fun!


This month instead of Scout and Explorer views I have asked Scout Leader Darren Hopson to write about his scouting history and why he wanted to become a leader.

I started scouting when I was seven; we didn't have Beavers in those days so straight into Cubs. The Scout group I was a member of was the 1st Northfleet Scout Group. In 1980 I won cub of the year for competing in the Gravesham Cub's cross country running competition I came 5th in that race. I was also a member of the Gravesham cross country team. We won the Kent Cross country championship in the same year.
I appeared in many Gang Shows at 1st Northfleet, and also was a member of the Scout band whilst in the cubs & Scouts.
I went on to become a Scout, but left when I was about 13 to join a marching band.
My recent interest with the Scouts started back a few years ago when my daughter attended the Kent international Jamboree (K I J) as a girl guide. I saw all the people having lots of fun, pitching tents etc... and I thought that I wanted a piece of the action, so I made enquires.
I also wanted my son to become a member of the Cubs. Luke was shy then, and I thought it would make it easier for him if I was a member.
We both enjoy being members of the 50th Scout group, and it looks like my daughter now wants to become a member.


Join me next month for another update!

April 2011

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Another month is up, which means it is time for your update!

In Scouts and Explorers we will be looking at our Fire Safety Activity Badge where we will understand how our local fire service is organised and look at what action should be taken in an outbreak of a fire in the home or on camp.

The cubs have been working on their Global Challenge badge for which they have; picked litter up along the Marina, looked at different types of recycling and soon they will be rock climbing at Upnor! In may they will be doing their Athletes Challenge badge and their Science Activity badge. For their Athletes Activities badge and their Science Activity badge. For their Athletes Activity badge the cubs can go to a District organised day where they can take part in up to eight activities to gain the points they need to earn their badge. Later the same day there will be a sports day which the leaders can join! For their Science Activity badge they will be looking at crystals and hopefully making their own. They will also be constellations where they look at the moon and stars.

Camp was good fun with the whole group. We went round the nature reserve and found out what people do to help it. We also caught newts in the ponds. Sunday morning while breakfast was being cooked, Michael and Darren had us doing aerobics round the camp – it built up a nice appetite for breakfast!


On to the explorer and scout views!

Kay has been in the group since Beavers, she has seen a lot of leaders join and some depart. She says that the reason she joined was because her brother had joined and her family encouraged her to get away from the TV! Her favourite moment in Explorers recently was the camp and the upcoming Explorer camp which the Explorers are planning!

Jonathan has been in the group since Beavers, he decided he wanted to get involved in a social activity. His favourite moment in Scouts recently has been the group camp where we looked at the different tree’s and animals that live in Kingsnorth Nature Reserve. 

Come back next month for another update!

March 2011

Posted by Michael Watts on April 3, 2011 at 11:40 AM Comments comments (4)

Hello, my name is Sharna,

I am fourteen and I enjoy camping and going on hikes. I have been a Beaver, Cub, Scout and I am now an Explorer and a Young Leader at Cubs.


Each month I will update you my blog and tell you what is going on in my scouting life. I will also ask a different Scout and Explorer what they have enjoyed in Scouts and why they joined our Group - hopefully this will inform you on what I get up to as an Explorer and Young Leader.


A lot of badges we achieve at scouts are fun, educational and sometimes adventurous! In Scouts and Explorers we have been looking at Fairtrade goods. We have now achieved our Fairtrade Challenge - to do this we looked at power points and different types of foods. We also completed our Shelter Box Challenge for which we now have a badge for; we can only wear the badge for one year but I feel proud to wear it. We have recently be working towards our crafts badge fir which we are making camp fire blankets. At Easter we will be camping at Kingsnorth Nature Reserve; hopefully we will complete our Craft Activity Badge that weekend.




I am a Young Leader at Cubs which means I help out every Monday and go on adventures with them! They are doing their Global Challenge Badge - we are starting with recycling before doing a themed night on other country and some bits on world poverty and global charities - it sounds great fun to me!


Now onto the Scout and Explorer views!


Josh is a Scout and has been with the Group for two and a half years. He has enjoyed making camp fire blankets and working towards his Craft Activity Badge. He joined Scouts after his friends suggested it; he says he has made new friends that have become good friends.


George is an Explorer and has been with the Group for roughly four years. He decided to join the group because he found it fun and interesting. He has mostly enjoyed working on our fair trade challenge where we got to try different chocolates!


That is all for now, see you next month.