The History of The 50th Medway Towns Scout Group

The group was formed by Mr B J Ford on 6th September 1937 as the 47th Medway with twelve Scouts, the group originally meet somewhere in Bells Lane in the village of Hoo St Werburgh.

1937 Registration Document.

The group re-opened after the Second World War on 12th February 1946, and moved to the Imperial Hall (location of the current Scout HQ).  The Scout Troop had expanded to thirty boys and a Wolf Cub Pack had also opened with twenty-four boys. The Group changed it's name to the 47th Medway (Hoo) in June 1946.

On the 1st June 1985 the 47th Medway (Hoo) amalgamated with the 15th Medway (High Halstow) to become the 50th Medway (Hoo Peninsular). The new group consisted of a Venture Scout Troop & Scout Troop based at the Scout HQ in Hoo and Cub Packs in both Hoo & High Halstow.

In 1986 the group opened its first Beaver Colony for six to eight year old boys and two years later a re-organisation of the local Districts found the group become the 50th Strood Scout Group.

In February 1991 the old Scout HQ was knocked down, a new building kindly donated by Reed Homes was erected in it's place and officially opened on the 16th March. Also in 1991 the Cub Pack at High Halstow closed down, leaving the group solely based in Hoo.

By 1994 the Group had reached it's largest membership, with two Beaver Colonies, two Cub Packs & a Scout Troop. In 1996 the group decided to admit girls for the first time in all it's sections.

Sadly with the advent of computer games and other activities the group's membership started to decline. One Beaver Colony closed in 1998 and one of the Cub Packs closed in 2001. Since 2001 and group has run with one unit of each section, Beavers, Cubs & Scouts. 

In 2008 the Districts of Strood and Medway amalgamated back together to form the Medway Towns District Scouts and the Group became the 50th Medway Towns. 

In 2012 the Group celebrated it's 75th anniversary, also in the September the Group re-opened the Falcon Cub Pack, which now runs on a Wednesday evening.